The abstention in the Budgets, closer

The Euskal Herria Bildu abstention from the General State Budgets It is a hypothesis that is getting closer and closer, although no decision has been made yet. The reference that EH Bildu handles is that the foreseeable approval of the General State Budgets clears the way for the viability of the legislature around the allies that made the investiture possible last January. The analysis is that this parliamentary majority places the Government in different coordinates to what the support of Ciudadanos would mean.

In any case, the Basque pro-independence left wants its strategy to be in concert with that of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya with which it maintains unity of parliamentary action in Madrid.

In this sense, the latest Civil Guard operation against Carles Puigdemont’s hard core in Belgium is considered by EH Bildu as a torpedo that seeks to destabilize ERC’s involvement in a scenario of alliances in the Spanish State since, in the opinion of In the Basque independence formation, this escalation introduces a distortion variable that can complicate a republican’s possible and negotiating discourse. The formation led by Arnaldo Otegi privately demands ‘long lights’ from the republicans so as not to play the game of certain sectors of the State that prefer to place themselves in the dynamics of ‘the worse the better’ to weaken the social base of the independence movement and stigmatize their discourse,

In any case, EH Bildu has transmitted to ERC in recent days a signal in favor of shielding the commitment to a political solution against attacks and sabotage, especially in the current context of social disorientation. “The same thing happened to us in Euskal Herria by the enemies installed in certain state apparatuses”, indicate sources from the nationalist left.

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