The action of Deathloop and Dishonored really takes place in the same universe

fans reasoned regarding this possibility from the very release of Deathloop, sorting out various hints that were found in the game. And their theories turned out to be true – the creative director of the project spoke regarding the connection Dinga Bakaba as part of a podcast Xbox.

According to him, Deathloop is “one of the variations of the future world of Dishonored”, whose action takes place many years following Death of the Outsider. The creators specially placed in the new project all kinds of references for the fans, counting on the ingenuity of the latter.

Initially, the developers were not going to put much emphasis on this issue, because they wanted the players to perceive Deathloop as an independent project with its own history and characters.

But at the same time, they kept thinking regarding how the world developed following Death of the Outsider, which led to the creation of a temporary connection between the games. For example, on one shotgun of the protagonist Deathloop, you can see the logo of the tower from Dishonored and the like.

Bakaba added that the authors tried to represent the evolution of the world of Dishonored, reflecting its results in Deathloop. At the same time, they deliberately hid certain details, such as names or titles, when the characters only talked regarding such matters in general terms.

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