The action thriller game “Shadow Corridor” PS4 Traditional Chinese Digital Edition released today “Shadow Corridor”

ARC SYSTEM WORKS Asia branch announced that the action thriller game “Shadow Corridor Shadow’s Corridor》 The traditional Chinese digital download version of PlayStation 4 will be officially launched today (September 24).

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  《Shadow Corridor Shadow’s Corridor》Is an action horror game that was officially launched in March 2019 and brought topics to the SNS and major discussion areas. The Asian branch of ARC SYSTEM WORKS officially made it a traditional Chinese culture and released the Nintendo Switch digital download version on August 5.

In the game, players need to use a variety of props and mechanisms to escape the Noh-face Prowler who follows them in a labyrinth-like corridor that is randomly generated and changed in structure. In order to clear the level, you need to collect the Gouyu hidden in various places, and collect the required number of targets according to the difficulty, and you can successfully escape.

game introduction

One summer evening, the protagonist stopped at an alley. The protagonist can’t help but think back to the summer when he was a child, and the adventurous heart deep in his heart was ready to move, his feet involuntarily stepped into the deserted alley.

The bell ringing in the dark corridor, the Noh-faced Prowler wearing a frightening mask. And the mysterious girl who summons the prowler…

There are secrets of impermanence and sadness hidden in this world. The protagonist must find an exit and escape from this…

Escape the randomly generated maze

The ancient Japanese-style corridor changes its structure every time you play. It is necessary to adapt to the situation and make a calm judgment to open a way to survive!

Prowler in hot pursuit

The disgusting Noh Face Prowler will follow the player with sight and hearing. Mastering the characteristics of various types of prowlers and knowing how to deal with them is the best strategy!

Rich items and props

Whether it is a large room, a small room or a cabinet, various props are scattered. Analyze the current situation and make good use of various props!

Added new elements such as difficulty setting

Log in to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 platforms “Shadow Corridor Shadow’s CorridorIn the traditional Chinese version of 》, elements such as beginner mode, mini map and props light source effects have been added to make the game easier to learn. In addition, it is basically equipped with the “Outer Rim” level, which allows you to enjoy the updated “Shadow Corridor Shadow’s Corridor》。

Traditional Chinese version of the game screen

Product Information

  • game name:Shadow Corridor Shadow’s Corridor

  • Release Date: Nintendo Switch is now on sale
    PlayStation 4 is now on sale

  • Suggested price: NT 480/HK$129

  • Game platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 digital download software

  • Game type: Action thriller

  • Number of players: 1

  • Game subtitles: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, English, Russian


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