the actress Maureen Dor tells in a letter to have been attacked by Nicolas Hulot

When she learned that the France 2 Special Envoy show devoted an issue to women claiming to have been assaulted by Nicolas Hulot, the Belgian Maureen Dor wrote a letter to the editor to give her testimony, Franceinfo reports.

The former French minister would have him “jumped on it“and would”tried to kiss her“against her will, when she was 18, she writes. The facts date back to 1989 and are therefore prescribed,” said Franceinfo, which published this letter.

Maureen Dor explains having, at the time, sent a letter to Nicolas Hulot to tell him that she liked his book. “I also told him that I was from Brussels and that I would be happy to show him around my city if he ever came there.

“Here he is jumping on me and trying to kiss me”

A few weeks later, during the book fair, Nicolas Hulot contacted her and they met at the Metropole. “After a quarter of an hour, he told me that journalists should come to interview him and he offered to accompany him to his room to wait for them.“, relates the ex-host.”And I say yes, of course! I have never seen the rooms of this great hotel (…) and I am flattered that he offers it to me.

And now I’m going to start justifying myself, like any woman who’s found herself in a bad situation. I was 18 in 1989, (…) I don’t find myself particularly sexy. It’s important to say because at the time I sincerely believe that a man can offer to accompany him to his room without having any ulterior motives.

Immediately in the room, here he jumps on me and tries to kiss me. I push him away, amazed and scared“, continues Maureen Dor.”At this precise moment, the reception calls to announce that the journalists arrive. He tells me to leave.“Then, adds Maureen Dor,”it is because of what will follow that I think that my testimony is worthless: I returned there. (…) I still wanted to go to dinner with him, fascinated by the guy. There it is, this is where I feel like I haven’t been clear with myself“.

A long letter

In the car that took us to the restaurant, he gave me his room number, ‘just in case’. (…) During the night, I wrote her a long letter in which I said that you shouldn’t do that to the young girls who admired her.“Letter she left him the next day at the book fair.

I am sincerely sorry for the daughter of Mr. Hulot who will discover that her father is not the hero or the man of integrity that she was entitled to hope but I am even more sorry for all the women who have it. learned in pain and unwillingly (…). Between her and them, I chose them. Because they are also me. And that, I took a very long time to realize“, concludes Maureen Dor.

The former French minister and environmental activist denies these new accusations of sexual assault and rape and announced on Wednesday to leave “definitely public life.

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