the actress was the protagonist during Daddy Yankee’s concert

After Lina Tejeiro passed through England, due to labor issues, and after the date of his birthday, which did not have a celebration as usual, this time, he did throw the party. It was on the night of last Wednesday, October 12, enjoying the concert Daddy Yankee.

The presence of the plainswoman did not go unnoticed, because she was very close to the stage, accompanied by her mother, the “influencer” Karen Sevillano and some friends. The striking thing is that she was not accompanied by her boyfriend Juan Duque, returning to speculation about the stability or seriousness of this relationship.

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While having a great time, dancing and singing the songs of the Puerto Rican, was focused by the cameras of the concert production. She noticed and put on her best face, but there were also many of those present who saw it and decided to record videos to upload them on social networks.

Lina He was in charge of sharing some publications in his Instagram stories, he did it as soon as he arrived from the event, and showed how he enjoyed Daddy Yankee’s last performance in Bogotá.

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‘What happened, happened’, ‘She lifted me up’, ‘Greater than me’, ‘I’m going’, ‘X last time’, among other songs were seen in Tejeiro’s stories and she was very happy and content.

But without the company of John Duke, rumors will surely start about whether the relationship is going well or if there is a problem due to the multiple commitments and outings of one and the other, in different cities, that prevent them from sharing as a normal couple and in a relationship that is just beginning.

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