the administrative limbo that traps Raisa

Raisa P. at the doors of her health center carrying part of the documentation accumulated these days.  (EC)

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Raisa P. at the doors of her health center carrying part of the documentation accumulated these days. (EC)

When on July 4, Raisa P. learned that she had been in close contact with a covid-infected person He called Salud Responde – a service dependent on the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) – and followed all the guidelines that were marked on the other end of the phone. He was confined to a house waiting for a fiancée call from his health center for a PCR test. to confirm the diagnosis and have a tracker follow up on your case. Neither of those two things happened. Nor have they happened until this Monday, assures his family.

During that period of voluntary confinement, he tested positive in two privately performed antigen tests, and developed a medical chart that matched the symptoms of the coronavirus: “High fever, sore throat, general malaise …”, her father tells El Confidencial, who adds that Raisa, “out of prevention and responsibility”, finally lengthened his confinement “Up to 14 days.”

But what this 18-year-old young woman from Malaga could not imagine is that she would supposedly end up trapped in a kind of ‘administrative limbo’ that disrupts the beginning of some studies abroad and his sports career. Why? Well, according to what they say, because it was not recorded as infected -at least- until a few days ago they made a “follow-up sheet”, in his health center they refuse to issue him the certificate that attests that the disease has passed and they also don’t want to do a serological test to ratify it.

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Nacho Alarcón. Brussels

Traveling in summer without restrictions, PCR or quarantines could be within reach of the mobile for those who have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus. That is

Sources of the Ministry of Health and Families of the Junta de Andalucía They explained that there is a problem throughout the country with the also known as a covid passport to be able to travel abroad because in the European Union (EU) it only authorizes its delivery to the positive ones by PCR and not those detected with the antigen test. These, however, in Andalusia and other regions, are used to determine whether or not a citizen has contracted the disease and to count the case officially.

Nevertheless, Raisa’s environment remembers that the SAS has not performed any of the two tests on the young woman. “That is why it was not recorded as being infected,” he reiterates his father, who affirms that he will present the necessary claims because, “faced with identical situations, they are offering different answers.”

The EU only authorizes States to issue the covid passport to those positive by PCR

He justifies his statement that a friend of his daughter, in the same circumstances, has done the test that determines the presence of antibodies against the disease and later they have provided her with the COVID certificate.

This girl was assisted in the Cártama health center, while Raisa was given the Mr. José Molina Díaz from Alhaurín de la Torre, municipality in which you reside. “We have been several times and they do not provide us with any solution,” says the father, who explains that “they only told us that it was not registered as infected because [empleados del SAS] they have not done a PCR [ni tampoco un test serológico] So what, without knowing if it has been positive or not, they cannot give you the covid certificate”.

His status allegedly changed the August 24th. That day, they remember, the doctor who treated them drew up a “follow-up sheet” of the case that apparently served to attest the positive and that would allow them to download the covid passport. But the surprise of the family was capital when in the administration of the ambulatory, and in the service of the Ministry of Health to which they were later referred, They explained that with that document they could not obtain the certificate.

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Nacho Alarcón. Brussels

In the coming weeks, Europeans will be able to start making use of the ‘covid certificate’, which will facilitate travel within the EU for those vaccinated or who have overcome the disease

Was it considered infected after the creation of that “follow-up sheet”? The family does not know it, but insists they never did a PCR or antigen test and summarizes as follows the past journey since then: “We have tried it through Salud Responde, we have consulted their family doctor again, they still do not authorize the serological test and an administrative officer sent us an email that referred us to a telephone number of the aforementioned ministry, where they told us that they had committed a failure in the health center and they had to solve it there ”.

Raisa He planned to travel to London to perfect his English and then he was going to travel to Russia to play an international paddle tennis tournament whose sanitary rules for participation are very strict. As they do not have access to the covid passport, they will have to do a PCR prior to each trip, which their parents will pay.

“How do I create the numbers?”

The cited sources of the Andalusian administration specified that they could not offer specific information on the case for not breaching the Data Protection Act, although they explained that one way to explore is vaccination, since the counselor of the branch, Jesus Aguirre, announced days ago that the deadline for people who had contracted the disease to be inoculated has been shortened to one month.

“It is a very powerless situation because in the end it’s your word against theirs, when They only have to verify the call that was made to Salud Responde to report the possible contagion and that they did not do any test”.

The “underlying problem” is that doubts arise about the official data, says the father

The parent points out that, in addition to the consequences of the ‘administrative limbo’ in which his daughter seems trapped, the “underlying problem” is that episodes like this only increase suspicions about the official numbers of patients due to the pandemic. “Why do I have to believe them if my daughter was not listed as infected? How many cases are there like hers? How many people with symptoms, who were notified, were never tested and were not registered despite contracting the disease?

The Junta de Andalucía reported this Monday that in the community there were 785,323 infected confirmed by Active Infection Diagnostic Tests (PDIA) -PCR or antigen test-.

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