The advantages and disadvantages of folding bikes

+: easy to (un) fold

With a little practice, a folding bike turns out to be quite simple and quick to fold and unfold, on a daily basis, thanks to their dedicated hinges. Relatively compact, they fit easily in the trunk of a car and are easy to transport on public transport. Note that there are all kinds of families of foldable bikes, including electric and even sports models.

+: a perfect anti-theft device

A folding bicycle is much safer than a classic model. It is indeed easy (and recommended) to store it neatly folded, at home or at work, rather than leaving it lying outside, in the sight of thieves.

+: a gesture for the environment

Riding a bicycle, whether folding or not, is the assurance of driving green, without any CO2 emissions, without risking harm to the environment. In multimodality, the folding bicycle can also replace the car or the bus on short trips.

– : Heavy weights

Who says folding bike also says having to carry a vehicle weighing more than 10 kg, which can still put off many. An electric model can sometimes even reach 20 kg. It is therefore necessary to make sure to choose a model that can be transported without difficulty and to weigh it well before buying it.

-: a sometimes fragile structure

The structure of a folding bicycle is by definition fragile, especially if it is folded and unfolded daily. The hinges, but also the frames, are the fastest parts to wear out and deform. Even though it is heavier, steel structures prove to be much stronger than aluminum ones. In any case, you have to find the right compromise.

-: a lack of comfort

The more compact a bicycle, the smaller its wheels. On the road, this can provide some instability depending on the condition of the road. The worse it is, the more uncomfortable it will be to ride the bike. This is particularly noticeable on paved or rough roads.

-: soaring prices

The price of folding bikes is certainly one of the big brakes on the purchase of this type of vehicle. With equivalent equipment, a folding bicycle is in fact always more expensive than a classic model. If the first prices are displayed around 200 euros, a classic folding bike can easily go up to more than 1500 euros for a really powerful model (light and with several speeds).


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