“the advice was hard for me” [INTERVIEW]

Dean of Koh Lanta les 4 lands, Fabrice left the adventure following an immunity test. He talks about his adventure.

It is often said that in Koh Lanta the deans are the first candidates to be eliminated. Fabrice, 55, has made all the forecasts lie in Koh Lanta les 4 lands. An adventurer as appreciated by his comrades as he is precious for his food supply to the whole tribe, this northern mechanic has proven his worth time and time again. He leaves the adventure in episode 12 after arriving last in the immunity test, without a vote being cast against him, just like Bertrand-Kamal this season. For Linternaute.com, he looks back on a difficult adventure of which he is very proud.

How did you feel within the reunited tribe?

I felt great. Indeed, my name came out on some boards but I never felt in danger. Maybe I didn’t quite see it happening, but I still felt good.

Speaking of advice, I feel like you had a hard time getting your bearings on the elimination votes. Did you find it difficult to put yourself at the heart of the strategies?

That’s right, well seen. I had a hard time getting into the strategy because each time it was voting against someone you liked. The first vote was against Marie-France, so I had a hard time voting against her. After that, I had to vote against Joaquina, it broke my heart. At each tip, it was super difficult. I had put myself more in alliances than in an offensive strategy.

The fact that you like just about everyone probably didn’t help …

Exactly. How do you put a buddy’s name when you like everyone? For me, the tests were the advice, not the games. Every time I went for advice, I said to myself “Holala” …

“Angélique and Lola were my two daughters of the adventure”

We have seen a real relationship develop between you and Lola throughout the season, so much so that she talks about you as a member of her family. How do you explain it?

When we met, we immediately got on well with the Violets. We had a good discussion. She was friendly, smiling, communicative, full of energy … I immediately saw that her values ​​were mine. She said to me “You could be my daddy, you are the same age. You realize, I am going on an adventure with my daddy!” It immediately matched. She has 20 brooms, I have 55 and immediately this protective side came to me without my controlling it. With Angélique too, they were my two daughters of the adventure. I would have protected them to the end. I met Lola’s parents afterwards, they are people with great values. We are a little proud of our region in the North, but this region represents values ​​and its parents too. These are exceptional values.

“I had a phenomenal stroke of luck”

This year is the first time that we have seen the regions represented in this way. Did it bring a real plus to the candidates?

Yes, our efforts were increased tenfold when we learned that we were representing our regions. But it was still extra pressure. Going on an adventure for yourself is already difficult, but representing a region is also a pressure. Because you shouldn’t disappoint her. We have to fight twice. I think it increased my ability to last until the end, until the 35th day. From the start, even during the casting, I put my region forward. I had a phenomenal stroke of luck that this year was the 4 lands.

Along with Sébastien, you were among the only candidates this year to show that you were able to really survive and find food. Is it a source of pride?

In the events, I was not bad but I was in the middle and I told myself that I had to take my place in the camp. We have to go get food, so that everyone is well in the camp. It is not only the events in Koh Lanta, there is the camp too. That’s what we did with Sébastien. We got high to feed our tribe to go hunting, to go trapping crabs … It worked well because there was a lot of positive feedback. With Sébastien, we made a great duet. After that, we had our place in the adventure. And the adventurers gave it back to me because I went quite far in the adventure anyway.

When you’re alone in front of Ava, during the immunity test, what’s going through your mind?

I was trying to breathe well, to calm myself down because I was upset. From the start I was stressed and afterwards I was upset because I couldn’t do it. I was trying to breathe … I was thinking of little Faustine, whose mother runs an association for children with disabilities. I was trying to get away, I was like “You have to do this for her.” I tried to calm down but I couldn’t. I was going crazy.

Would you say this was the hardest part of your season?

It was a difficult time but there were some more difficult than others. That one was the ax. I saw that everything was stopping. It stopped there. There were others, when Bertrand-Kamal left it was difficult for all the adventurers … And when I have to leave, leave my friends in the place … It was a difficult moment.

At that moment in the adventure, did you feel capable of going further?

I think it was the turning point of the adventure. This is also what made me put pressure on myself. Because I told myself that by passing this test, it was good to go to orientation. But I put too much pressure on myself …

“It was no small feat but I’m proud of it”

What will you take away from your Koh Lanta adventure?

That I had a great adventure. I trusted others and they trusted me. I gave my all in each test and they felt it. In the adventure, I said that it was not an easy task and it is true. It was no small feat, but I’m proud of it. I also brought happiness around me. It was important because since the beginning of the broadcast, we are all on a little cloud every Friday night. It brings lots of happiness! I meet children in the street, they are super happy, I sign autographs and I take pictures. There is a before, a during and an after Koh Lanta.

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