The Aerolineas Argentinas plane landed in Ezeiza with the third batch of doses of the Sputnik V vaccine

The shipment of Sputnik V vaccines (Photo: EFE)

This afternoon the Aerolineas Argentinas plane landed at the Ezeiza airport. brought in a new batch of doses of the Sputnik V vaccine. On this third trip to Moscow, the aircraft’s crew returned with some 400,000 vaccines, bringing the total number to 1.2 million doses since the operation began in December. .

The flight was scheduled to arrive in Buenos Aires this noon but his departure from Moscow was delayed by weather problems. The Airbus 330-200, registration LV-GIF, with the AR 1065 nomination, was affected by a heavy snow storm and took off with a delay of three hours.

Once I touch Argentine soil, Sputnik V doses will be downloaded, which will then be distributed to all provinces to continue with the vaccination campaign.

It is the third shipment with the doses of the Sputnik V vaccine that arrives in the country

It is the third shipment with the doses of the Sputnik V vaccine that arrives in the country

As happened on two previous trips, this flight to Moscow was made directly; that is, without technical scale. This is one of the longest stretches made in the history of the company. For this voyage 18 people traveled, with 10 crew members, including pilots and co-pilots, who alternated at the command of the ship, along with dispatchers, technicians and cargo personnel.

Pablo Ceriani, president of Aerolineas Argentinas, explained that “we had a snow storm there in Moscow that delayed the arrival of the trucks a bit. But hey, the flight was perfect and this time 400 thousand doses. We are bringing more vaccines. The other peculiarity that it has is that this time we upload boxes in the cabin. We make good use of the plane’s space”.

“Operation by operation we are gaining experience and we are improving,” added Ceriani. He also indicated that “Depending on the type of wrapper used, even more doses could go in. But because of the type of boxes we are using, between 300 and 400 thousand doses come down and the rest had to go up ”.

One of the sectors that will be included in the next stage of immunization will be the teachers, who would thus begin the 2021 school year and return to the classroom with at least the first dose applied.

The Sputnik V vaccine is so far the only one that has arrived in the country and has begun to be applied: the Government acquired a total of 20 million from the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). Nevertheless, as of today only 820 thousand doses arrived: they were 300 thousand in December and 520 thousand in January. Added to the 400,000 that arrived today, there are already 1.2 million doses.

In total, Argentina received 821 thousand doses of the Russian vaccine

In total, Argentina received 821 thousand doses of the Russian vaccine

“There was a six hour delay that had to do with the snow storm. Basically the trucks couldn’t get to the airport, ”said Ceriani.

A series of delays in the production of the vaccine affected the planned delivery schedule, since President Alberto Fernández himself had announced that they planned to have 10 million people vaccinated by February.

Consulted on the possibility of flying to China to bring the vaccines produced in the Asian countryCeriani said: “We are working with Health and they will say as we have more certainty about the different operations we do.”

“We really understand all the vaccine production problems, and we are confident that they will be solved; I think the world just needs to understand that what we are undertaking now we have never done before ”, the CEO of the Russian Fund for Direct Investment, Kirill Dmitriev, had explained at the end of January.

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