“The Affair” star: “Didn’t feel safe on the set” – Tv

Actress Ruth Wilson got out of the series “The Affair” surprisingly. Now she spoke for the first time about the reason.

Ruth Wilson’s exit from “The Affair” came as a surprise to many: So far, she has never wanted to comment on the reasons. According to several insiders, she should have had major problems filming certain nude and sex scenes.

It was that bad on set

And obviously there is something to the rumors. In an interview with the magazine “Stylist” she unpacked: “There was a situation at ‘The Affair’ in which I didn’t feel comfortable. (…) It was before #MeToo and Harvey Weinstein – and yet my instincts were very clear and strong. I noticed that something was wrong and what was going on. I didn’t feel safe. “

“I managed to protect myself”

Wilson is happy today that she managed to get out of there: “The important thing to say is that I spoke up. I had a voice. I stood up for myself. (…) I dealt with it and have managed to protect me. “

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