The African anticyclone also brings Saharan sand

The weekend behind us was characterized by summer weather, the temperature exceeded 30 degrees in several cities across the country on Saturday and Sunday. The summer weather will continue on Monday, with temperatures reaching 31 degrees on the first day of April.

The weather in our area is currently affected by an African anticyclone. In addition to the hot air mass, Saharan sand is also coming above us these days.

Moderately cloudy and extremely hot weather is expected in the second half of the day. Precipitation will only occur during the night. The air movement in the west and south-west direction will be moderate or strong. The peak temperature is expected to be between 28 and 31 degrees Celsius.

From Tuesday, however, there will be a cooling of regarding ten degrees, and the temperature will return to the usual values ​​at this time. According to the forecasts, rain may fall only in places and there will be areas where there will be no precipitation at all. The temperature is expected to be around 15 degrees in the northern part of the country and 23 degrees in the south.

From Wednesday until the end of the week, you can expect sunny weather once more with peak temperatures around 20 degrees.

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