“The afternoon will be rearranged”: Marina Calabró received the worst news from El Nueve

During the last hours, Marina Calabró received a bucket of cold water. Is that the authorities of The nine decided that they will lift their gossip program «Confrontados» at the end of the year. In this way, the conductive will say goodbye to fans on December 31. With the sad news confirmed, the channel will say goodbye to a program that had four successful seasons on the air. The Nine will carry out a strong process of restructuring the grid throughout 2021.

«@Confrontadosok ends at the end of the year. With the confirmation of the end of #Confrontados at the end of the year, from January to March the afternoon will be rearranged between #ElShowDelProblema #HayQueVer and #TodasLasTardes. In March there will be an entertainment program. @ngmagaldi @SoyListorti @ ladumas1 @soymajulozano @ canal9oficial, “said journalist Pablo Montagna, who brought the information from within the channel, since he works for” Telenoche. “

It should be noted that «Confrontados» was the first adventure that Marina Calabró had as a driver. Since March of this year, the journalist worked side by side with Carlos Monti, Augusto Tartufoli, Pampito, Gustavo Méndez, Lizardo Ponce and Franco Torchia. Although the gossip program had a very particular imprint, «Confrontados» completed a cycle after four successful seasons. Many fans of the show could not bear the departure of Rodrigo Lussich in January.

A few days ago, Marina Calabró was also in the news after revealing a spicy piece of information that angered Telefe about the MasterChef Celebrity tank: «I’m going to tell something that I shouldn’t tell. Iliana was recontra hot because it seems that at one point in the recording Donato approaches and says ‘that duck is done, take it out because it will be hard’ and then when he goes to the return of the dish he questions the cooking when he himself He had it taken out, ”said the driver, giving first-hand information about the spicy cross between her sister Iliana and Donato de Santis.

«What happens is that in the edition they ‘cut’ and the part in which Donato recommends that he take that poor duck out of where he had it was not left. Total the people of Telefe hate us and do not answer the messages. What am I going to lose by telling you this? I tell you the truth, the absolute truth. Iliana told me that she made him take out the duck and then questioned the cooking, “added the host of El Nueve, who fired without a filter against the pelotitas channel program.

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