The AIU Film Festival honored the filmmakers

(MENAFN– Al-Anbaa) With more than 2,000 entries from Kuwait and neighboring countries, the AIU Film Festival was a testament to the creativity, talent and entrepreneurial spirit that the region’s film industry embodies.
The festival provided an innovative platform that brought together creators, producers, artists and others on the campus of the American International University «AIU» to communicate and exchange ideas. The American International University hosted a variety of events that took place over the course of a week at the festival, and included lectures by leaders of the film industry along with the presentation of submitted works, presentations of artworks by the American International University “AIU” and the Kuwaiti community, and finally, the awards ceremony that was held in Campus.
Students and guests were able to interact with industry leaders and creators who provided a unique vision of the present cinema in the region.
The week of festivities culminated in the AIU Film Festival Awards Ceremony. The event was a celebration of films and stories presented by local and regional directors and their teams.
After a detailed review by the jury of all submitted works, the presenter announced the winners in four distinct categories: Best Arab Short Film, Best Cinematography, Best Director and Best Local Film. The field of filmmaking in Kuwait and the region is a diverse and attractive field with the presence of many talented artists including directors, producers, actors and others, shaping the regional cinematic scene.


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