The Alitalia company goes bankrupt and closes permanently, all its flights are canceled as of October 15

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After going bankrupt, the public airline Alitalia will be taken over by the new company Italia Trasporto Aereo (ITA) from October 15. All Alitalia flights after this date are canceled.

Bad news if you had planned to go on vacation after October 15 with the airline Alitalia. The Italian public company Alitalia will be replaced from mid-October by the new company Italia Trasporto Aereo (ITA).

This recovery entails de facto the complete cancellation of all reservations. However, tickets are still valid for flights prior to October 15th. It is already no longer possible to buy tickets on the airline’s website since August 25.

Fully refunded tickets

On its website, the Alitalia company specifies that canceled reservations may be fully refunded, or exchanged. According to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, nearly 250,000 travelers are affected.

The first tickets of the new company Italia Trasporto Aereo have already been sold. The Italian Ministry of Industry said 2,800 Alitalia employees could be taken over by ITA this year, and 5,750 more in 2022. Alitalia had some 11,000 employees. The new company ITA will take over the majority of the Alitalia network.

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