The alleged shooter who killed a young man in Centenario was caught in Neuquén

During midday on Wednesday, a strong police operation in the Alta Barda neighborhood of Neuquén, He found the whereabouts of the only one indicated as responsible for killing a centenarian, who after being in a coma for several days died on January 21.

The victim, Eneas Guzmán, 20, had been shot by a firearm on January 16 in the new town of Centenario. In its trajectory, the projectile entered the left ear causing irreversible damage. youAfter being hospitalized for several days, his family opted to adopt the “death with dignity” protocol as well as donating his organs.

As revealed byAccording to police sources to RÍO NEGRO, the investigation to find the whereabouts of the alleged murderer ended with two simultaneous operations in the capital Neuquén, one in a sector Valentina Sur (with negative results) and another at the intersection of Las Azaleas and Los Aromos streets in Alta Barda where it was found.

At the time of being delayed, the man of legal age offered no resistance and he was surprised even though he knew he was wanted.

This Thursday morning the formulation of charges will be made in the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Neuquén, within the framework of the investigation promoted by the prosecutor Carolina Mauri.

Both of the investigation and of the operation to delay the indicated work by personnel dependent on the Personal Security Department and the Homicide Division of the Neuquén Police.

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