The alleged stalker of Mariana, a medical intern found dead, surrendered in Chiapas

Fernando “N” explained that he was giving himself up (Photo: FGE)

This Thursday the State Attorney General (FGE) de Chiapas confirmed the arrest of Fernando Cuauhtémoc “N”, who is accused of the crime of Sexual harassment against Mariana Sánchez Dávalos, the medical intern who was found dead on January 28 in Nueva Palestina.

According to a statement issued by the authorities, the FGE, through the Women’s Prosecutor’s Office, carried out the arrest warrant for the man in the municipality of Ocosingo.

On the other hand, local media released a video in which Fernando appeared in front of the camera and explained that he decided to turn himself in to the prosecution.

“Based on the accusations that are imputed to me by the media, I’m going to give myself voluntarily to appear before this trial court to clarify the situation that occurred in the Nueva Palestina health center“Said the accused.

He alleged that the authorities violated his family (Photo: FGE)

He alleged that the authorities violated his family (Photo: FGE)

He added that he did not do anything of which he was accused and that the state authorities intimidated him along with his family, for which he made the decision to turn himself in.

“I have not incurred any of the imputations […] We have been attacked by the authorities. I come to surrender voluntarily so that the violence against my family ends, the persecutions in an unfair way and that this is resolved in a favorable way ”, declared Fernando in the video.

Fernando is the second person arrested in the case of Dr. Mariana. On February 6, Analí “N” was arrested for her probable participation in the crime of abuse of authority.

The prosecutor for women, Yasmín Sierra López, reported through a video about the arrest of the woman, who, according to community authorities, is the director of the clinic in Nueva Palestina.

Almost a month has passed since Mariana's death (Photo: Mariana's Facebook profile)

Almost a month has passed since Mariana’s death (Photo: Mariana’s Facebook profile)

Mariana Sánchez was found dead on the morning of Thursday, January 28, at her home. The FGE reported that the death of the medical intern It would be investigated under the figure of femicide, after the determination that he died by hanging.

After hearing the news, the police, experts and Public Ministries arrived at the scene to begin investigating. Although the first reports in this regard said that the body showed signs of violence, the authorities denied it.

According to the legal autopsy carried out on Mariana’s remains, it was determined that the cause of death was secondary mechanical asphyxia by hanging.

The forensic doctor reported that the body did not show signs of violence or sexual assault.. The Public Ministry exhausts the procedures for the femicide protocol, ”the prosecution reported.

The young woman's mother insisted that her daughter reported abuse (Photo: Special)

The young woman’s mother insisted that her daughter reported abuse (Photo: Special)

The young woman carried out her social service in Nueva Palestina, Ocosingo, and had reported sexual abuse by some people from that community since a month ago.

The FGE, through the Selva District Prosecutor’s Office, initiated an investigation folder for the crime of homicide, in accordance with the femicide protocol. However, the same agency denied the existence of any complaint of sexual abuse by the medical intern.

After a thorough review in all the District and Matter Prosecutors’ Offices, it was confirmed that there is no criminal complaint for sexual harassment or rape, presented by the victim prior to the events being investigated today, ”the prosecution declared.


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