world The alliance of Nicolás Maduro and Juan Manuel Santos

The alliance of Nicolás Maduro and Juan Manuel Santos


Last Sunday we spoke here of the value of the Free Press (“Chinese Communism is afraid” ABC, 03-22-2020), which generated the protests of that Government to the ABC correspondent in Beijing, Pablo M. Díez. This week we have had another very relevant sample of the value of free and truthful information against tyrannies. Last Thursday, the United States Attorney’s Office -or what is the same, the Government, because the attorney general is a member of the Government- accused the president of Venezuela of drug trafficking. It is truly exceptional that such an accusation is made against a sitting head of state. The last time Washington did it was in December 1989 against Manuel Antonio Noriega, dictator of Panama, and that ended with the invasion of the country and the drug lord spending two decades in prison in Miami before going through the Parisian prison of La Santé.

What the US government has now confirmed is something that was already anticipated on the ABC pages more than five years ago and that unleashed the fury of the Venezuelan government. Fury that degenerated into anger when a few months later “The Wall Street Journal” also published that Diosdado Cabello was being investigated for drug trafficking and money laundering. Cabello filed a defamation complaint against the Journal in 2016, and the case was closed in 2017. The truth will eventually be revealed in full detail.

But there is another part of the complaint from the United States Attorney General that has received less attention. Among the 14 accused against whom charges have been filed there are two Colombians. And most of the media do not want to speak about them because they are FARC leaders who a few years ago were fired upon in almost all the western media. One of them is Luciano Marín, alias “Iván Márquez” and the other is Seuxis Paucís Hernández Solarte, alias “Jesús Santrich”. Iván Márquez was the FARC chief who negotiated the so-called Peace Agreement that was signed in Cartagena de Indias on September 26, 2016. Santrich was one of the FARC delegates in the Havana negotiations. And one of the beneficiaries with a seat in the Colombian Congress without having to compete for him at the ballot box. Both decided to return to the jungle after the change of government in Colombia with the victory of Iván Duque.

These two parents of an “agreement” that the Colombian people rejected and Juan Manuel Santos imposed remain active in the FARC and collaborate with the drug cartel of the Cartel de los Soles, which we spoke about on ABC for the first time in January 2015. We already know that Márquez and Santrich were quickly attributed the status of FARC “dissidents”. Which does not say anything good about who the Santos government negotiated with. But now we see that a good part of the complaint of the North American Prosecutor’s Office is based on the current collaboration of the Government of Nicolás Maduro and the FARC. The FARC that no longer existed, the FARC whose disappearance earned Santos the Nobel Peace Prize. Well, as in the Mexican bullfight, they were not so dead.

There were many who wanted to believe the great lie of the Santos and FARC peace agreement. The reality is different. It was a way to bring many bloodthirsty criminals out of prison without effective prison terms, and it was a way to prosecute many Colombian servicemen who only tried to maintain legality. Santos gave the FARC victory. And by the way, the main legal adviser of the FARC in Havana, Enrique Santiago, secretary general of the Communist Party of Spain, is going up these days to the rostrum of the half-empty Congress of Deputies of Spain to give lessons on how to deal with a crisis. It is part of the coalition that today governs Spain. .


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