“The AMLO government paid for the defense of Salvador Cienfuegos with public resources”: Anabel Hernández

Cienfuegos was exonerated by the FGR last week, a bomb after the accusations of the US government against him (Photo: Mario Jasso / Cuartoscuro)

According to journalist Anabel Hernández, the government of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, paid with public resources for the defense of General Salvador Cienfuegos, former Secretary of Defense and who was arrested and charged in the United States for ties to drug trafficking and that A few days ago he was exonerated by the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office after being handed over to this country.

Hernandez noted in a column for the German site in Spanish German wave that this statement It is clear from the documents of the Prosecutor’s Office General of the Republic (FGR) that are part of the investigation folder opened against the government official of Enrique Peña Nieto (2012-2018) that was partially opened to the public this Saturday.

“In the beginning, the government of the president of Mexico welcomed the arrest and even said that it would clean the Sedena (Secretariat of National Defense) to eliminate those linked to the military. But few hours later he changed his mind”Said the Mexican communicator, one of the most respected in drug trafficking issues.

Anabel Hernández gives her opinion on the Cienfuegos case (Video: Special)

After his abrupt change of opinion, the López Obrador government “advocated intensely and energetically through diplomatic channels before the outgoing government of Donald Trump so that the military man was released and repatriated, ”he said, something that happened in November 2020, when the United States handed over Cienfuegos to Mexico, who let him go free on condition that he come to testify later.

“He managed to rescue the military man, who had he been convicted, would have spent 10 years to life in prison in the United States. Now, thanks to the revised documents, it can be stated that the alleged process and investigation to find out if the general was or is in collusion with drug trafficking organizations during their public assignment it was neither truthful nor impartial”, Asserted Hernández.

It was a defense of the State. At all times, the AMLO government has been judge and party, exactly as in the old regime of the PRI and the PAN, in which the chief executive protected his family and his associates at all costs, unbalancing the balance of justice and justice. authentic search for the truth

AMLO’s harsh accusation against the DEA (Video: Government of Mexico)

According to the Mexican journalist, López Obrador “not only rescued Cienfuegos from a practically certain sentence, but also took charge of his defense, although Cienfuegos has resources to pay for its own lawyers, as he demonstrated when hiring the expensive law firm that represented him in New York ”.

Hernández argued that “according to the document dated January 7, 2021, which is part of the two-volume file partially published by the FGR, the defense lawyers appointed by Cienfuegos before the prosecution when he appeared to appear for the first time to give his testimony were assigned and sponsored by Sedena itself”, An agency of the federal government.

It was those lawyers who helped Cienfuegos to the express exoneration released by the FGR on January 14, which has caused outrage and official complaint from the United States Department of Justice and has already generated a diplomatic and legal conflict of difficult scope to calculate, ”added the journalist.

Cienfuegos was the first former Secretary of Defense to be accused of ties to drug trafficking (Photo: Moisés Pablo / Cuartoscuro)

Cienfuegos was the first former Secretary of Defense to be accused of ties to drug trafficking (Photo: Moisés Pablo / Cuartoscuro)

Last Thursday, the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office announced that it would not bring any criminal action against Cienfuegos, just two months after his arrival in the country, despite the fact that even the DEA (United States Anti-Drug Agency) shared a part of the investigation against him, which included links with drug trafficking and money laundering.

After the announcement, the FGR released a part of its investigation folder, Besides that the Chancellery of Mexico revealed the document delivered by the DEA where the alleged evidence against Cienfuegos was attached, the first former Secretary of Defense charged with such crimes.

López Obrador, for his part, criticized the DEA, in an unprecedented gesture for a Mexican president, by ensuring that the US dependence had supposedly fabricated the evidence against Cienfuegos.


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