The AMMC approves the final prospectus relating to an offer of Nexans shares

The Moroccan Capital Market Authority (AMMC) announced that it had approved, on Friday, a final prospectus relating to an offer of Naxans shares, reserved for employees of the group.

The capital increase will be through the issuance of a maximum of 400,000 shares in Morocco, the AMMC said in a press release. This operation concerns the employees of the following entities: Nexans Maroc, Sirmel, Drums, Emballages du Maroc and Nexans Interface Maroc, specifies the same source. The subscription price stands at 37.44 euros or 405.13 MAD, the press release notes, noting that in Morocco, the subscription period will extend from October 19 to 20, 2020 inclusive. The final prospectus is supplemented by a 2019 universal registration document of Nexans filed with the AMF on March 31, 2020 under number D.20-0210, and a key information document for the investor of the FCPE “Nexans Plus 2020 ”and the“ Nexans Plus 2020 A ”compartment and its regulations. It is also a key information document for the investor of the FCPE “Shareariat Nexans” and its regulations and those of the international group company savings plan, continues the AMMC. The entire final prospectus approved by the AMMC as well as the aforementioned documents are made available to the public at the head offices of BMCI and the aforementioned Moroccan subsidiaries, as well as on the website of the issuer, the press release said, noting they are also available on the AMMC website:

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