The Among Us single player is here

There are two major differences between the Gnosia and the tank that became one of the most popular video games today. The first is that the new Nintendo title can be played offline. The second is the story behind it, a fact that made it a cult title in Japan.

It is a story with a lot of text, where the player has to make several decisions that will modify his luck. It began to unfold in 2015, three years before InnerSloth launched the Among Us.

The game starts when you wake up in a futuristic ship. A member of the crew was infected by an alien virus and began to commit murders. The objective is to catch it and freeze it to stop it.

To be able to catch it, the user must dialogue with the rest of the members of the ship. As a result of the debates and alliances, with opponents managed by artificial intelligence, he will collect clues until he discovers the impostor.

The Gnosia is available on Nintendo Switch from March 4. It costs $ 554.78.

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