The anger of Arturo Longton in the middle of live with Diana and Pamela Díaz

Arthur Longton is up for arms. The ex chico reality He has his genius and has shown it on several occasions on color TV, where he has a long curriculum of controversies.

And that nickname proved it again this weekend. This, during a conversation he had through Instagram with Diana Bolocco and Pamela Díaz.

It all came about when Longton got on the broadcast. At that moment, the cheerleaders began to ask him a question, but he did not answer.

«Is this a character like what I’m doing to you? How did I not fish? Or did you not listen? »“La Fiera” asked him when he found out that Arturo was not saying anything.

“I’m angry,” he replied with a six-foot face. “Why is he angry?”Diana asked him back.

After loading, the former participant of “La Granja” explained that he was in a daze due to all the time it took to add him to the conversation.

“They told me at 9 and it’s 20 to 10,” he said without mincing words, although at that moment he was already smiling slightly. Diana and Pamela, meanwhile, did not take it seriously and started laughing.

«It doesn’t smell… po. The aggregate. The grained rice. I’m looking at 9 o’clock as the hue … “, he added a little more relaxed.

«Arturo, sorry. It’s my fault, ”Bolocco managed to reply before being interrupted again by the guest. “I’m not doing well, I’m sending them to the chu …”, he added, half jokingly half seriously.

“You didn’t name me,” she further alleged while talking about the reasons for her anger.

In any case, the situation did not go beyond being an anecdote and later the talk calmed down and they began to dialogue without problems.

The anger of Arturo Longton (minute 38)

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