the answers to your questions about the European health pass, which comes into force on Thursday

From July 1, Europeans will be able to travel more easily within the continent thanks to certified evidence of vaccination or negative tests.

Do you know the French health pass, which allows access to gatherings of more than 1000 people? Here is now its European equivalent, which will allow people without Covid-19 to move more easily within the Union of 27. Operational from July 1, the European health pass responds to a double constraint: allow the tourism industry to restart for the summer season while avoiding a dangerous mixing of the population that could ignite the epidemic again.

«The health situation is improving but the game is not yet won. The pass will allow you to regain maximum freedom of movement despite the risks that remain», We explain to the cabinet of Cédric O, secretary of state for digital. The result of intense work between the European Commission and the 27 countries of the Union, this European health pass “will allow certified evidence of vaccination or PCR and antigen tests to be recognized with each other in order to allow smooth and secure border crossing.»

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Concretely, a Greek or Italian border police officer will flash a QR code presented by a traveler from France, Germany, the Netherlands … without worrying about the language in which the vaccination or test certificate was written. . Its control terminal will indicate with a green or red color whether or not the person can enter the territory.

«We are going to go from a verification that could take a minute to a verification in just one second thanks to a trust system that prevents fraud. This will make it possible to optimize flow management, while the number of trips to airports will increase by 60% over the next two weeks, with peaks of 80% at Orly and Roissy.», Specifies the cabinet of Secretary of State for Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari.

Are you planning to go on vacation to Europe? Here are the answers to your main questions about the European health pass.

Is the European health pass reserved for vaccinated people?

No. Like the French health pass, people who have not been vaccinated but who test negative for Covid-19 will be able to travel within the European Union. Children under 11 are exempt from a health pass.

Is the European health pass necessarily in digital format?

No. You will still be able to present your certified proof of vaccination or test in paper format. If you prefer the digital format, you will have to download the government application TousAntiCovid.

How to get your European health pass?

Are you getting vaccinated? Good news: since June 25, you must receive your European health pass in paper format at the end of your vaccination cycle. It will be delivered to you personally by your doctor, pharmacist or vaccination center.

This paper document includes at the top right a QR Code which certifies that you have been fully vaccinated with one of the four vaccines recognized by the European health agency (Pzifer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson). You just need to present this paper during border control.

The document includes a second QR Code, bottom left. It allows you to record your certified proof of vaccination in the TousAntiCovid application, and thus have it permanently on your smartphone. To do this: open the application and press “Scanner un QR Code“. You will find your digitized proof in the “My notebook».

The European health pass French government

You are not vaccinated? It will then be necessary to present a negative test for Covid-19 which must include a certified QR Code. Ask your laboratory or your pharmacy for more information.

Warning ! Some countries like Belgium or Ireland refuse antigenic tests.

Warning ! Some European countries require testing less than 72 hours, others less than 48 hours. Find out more on section Advice for travelers.

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I received my two doses of vaccine before June 25th. How do I get my European health pass?

You must connect to a dedicated Health Insurance site named Identification is done with your France Connect account. From there, you can download your European health pass, print it or import it into TousAntiCovid.

Another scenario: you had already recorded your proof of vaccination in the TousAntiCovid application. You won’t have to do anything, or almost. From the end of the week, the government application will take care of converting your QR Code to European format. To do this, go to the “My notebook“, Select the QR code, and in the menu press”Convert to European format»Then select«OK».

Can I register my children’s health passes on my TousAntiCovid application?

Yes. You can register as many QR Codes as you want on a single application.

Who will check my European health pass?

It depends on how you travel in Europe.

By plane, train or boat, the check will be made on departure by the transport company if you leave France. A random check by the border police may be added.

By car, random checks will be organized by the police when crossing intra-European borders.

I have received all my doses of vaccines, am I exempt from the test to travel to Europe?

Not necessarily. Each European country remains sovereign over the evidence it requires when entering its territory. Some ask that people vaccinated be, as a bonus, in possession of a negative test. You must check the rules before leaving on, section Advice for travelers.

Warning ! You are not considered to be fully vaccinated on the day of your last injection. The delay varies by country; in France, it is two weeks after the last injection, and four weeks for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Warning ! Some countries like Belgium or Ireland refuse antigenic tests.

Warning ! Some European countries require testing less than 72 hours, others less than 48 hours.

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Will I be able to return from my vacation in Europe without any special steps?

If you are fully vaccinated, you will need to present your European health pass when you return to France.

If you are not vaccinated, you will have to present a PCR or antigen test dating back less than 72 hours to return to France. You will therefore have to make an appointment in your resort town, and provide for the costs inherent in the test. The costs range from 50 to 200 euros per person depending on the country, and are not reimbursed by Social Security.

In all cases, you must check before your return whether, depending on the evolution of the health situation in the country where you are spending your vacation, you will have to submit to additional measures. This can go through a mandatory test even for vaccinated people, or a 7-day self-isolation.

I heard about the Certificate of Reinstatement, what is it and how do you get it back?

Contrary to what its name suggests, this is not a certificate issued by your doctor proving that you have been ill with Covid-19. This is actually a previous positive test showing that you have had the disease in the past.

Please note: not all European countries consider the certificate of recovery as sufficient proof to enter their territory.

Please note: the countries accepting the former positive Covid-19 tests do not agree on the expiry date of this proof. Some recognize positive tests less than six months old, others have shorter deadlines.

Here again, you must check the rules in force in your country of destination on, section Advice for travelers.

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