world The Anticapitalists leave Podemos because they have become the...

The Anticapitalists leave Podemos because they have become the “political class” they used to criticize




They refuse to participate in the assembly of Vistalegre III because that act will mean “the ratification of the progressive-neoliberal government”

Miguel Urbn, leader of the anti-capitalist sector of Podemos, in an act in 2017 with Pablo Iglesias.
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Between critics of the “current drift” ofWe can, the currentAnti-capitalistsof the matchpurplehas announced that it does not show up toVistalegre IIIand decide at his next conference his definitive relationship with the party of Pablo Iglesias.

In this way, Anticapitalists takes another step in their organic exit from Podemos once theirConfederal Coordinator-your maximum governing body between assemblies- has decided not to present candidacies or proposals for the III State Citizen Assembly that thepurplesThey will celebrate at the end of March in Vistalegre.

According to the current, Vistalegre is considered as “a ratification of the strategy of subalternization to the PSOE of its address”. “Without prior deliberation and without analyzing the bleeding that Podemos has suffered as an organization over the past few years, there seems to be no possibility of changing this model,” he added.

In a statement issued this Sunday, Anticapitalistas has insisted “on the difference between the Podemos that founded six years ago and the current one, which no longer challenges the political class and the economic lite but has become part of the first untouched the benefits of the second. “

The leftmost stream of the formationdwellingHe has criticized the “course” of Podemos after his entry to the Government of coalition with the PSOE. “The entry of five ministers of the United We can a progressive-neoliberal government hegemonized by the PSOE, in which that party controls the main springs of power, far from weakening the current political regime, they are supposed to integrate into it and consider its management as the only possible horizon, “he stressed.

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In this regard, he has shown his rejection of certain specific policies adopted by the Executive because, in his opinion, “he resigns to confront the great economic powers.” “We can see that there is a huge difference between the objectives of the Podemos that we contributed to form six years ago and the current drift, through which the political class and the economic limits have been challenged to become part of the first without touching the benefits of the second “, has settled.

This decision is the step prior to the split that the Anticapitalists will most likely approve in the assembly they have convened for March 28; decision that comes after its rejection of the coalition government with the PSOE, as a trigger.

“New cycle of struggles”

Seen which, the current led by Teresa Rodrguez andMiguel Urbnthe task is marked “to promote a new cycle of struggles that avoids emptying the street and a dangerous breeding ground for the rise of the extreme right.”

The future of Anticapitalists outside of Podemos has precipitated after the so far leader of Podemos inAndalusianand main representative of this sector, Teresa Rodrguez, will announce on Thursday his departure from the party to work on the construction of a new Andalusian character.

Six years of differences

The departure of the anti-capitalists, who contributed to found Podemos in 2014, now comes after six years of differences with Iglesias, his management team, and his political and organizational strategy, although the trigger has been the alliance with the Socialists.

This sector has always been the left-most current of the formation, and in the last congress, the assembly of Vistalegre II of February 2017, sought the support of 13% of the militants.

Although they managed to lead the party in several autonomous communities, their power was currently limited mainly to Rodrguez’s team in Andaluca and Urbn’s position in theState Executive,as secretary of Historical Memory.

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