The apartment is only 33 sqm. That’s how they made it feel twice as big.

The fact that the floor area is only 33 square meters does not have to mean much. Especially not when it’s high under the roof and you know how to utilize every single cubic meter.

Eskil Frøyen Nybø and Gry Katrin Reiremo moved in this autumn. By then, the apartment had been a construction site for over a year. Photo: Irene Jacobsen

The first thing architect Eskil Frøyen Nybø did when he bought the small apartment in the apartment building from 1930, was to laser measure it crosswise, up and down. For one year he designed, and there were at least 100 different solutions for how it could be decorated.

He drew in 3D and used VR glasses to really feel the space experience and to find the best solutions. He wanted a test shed before he started building. Only then could he make decisions that are often difficult to make on paper.

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