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Editor-in-chief of the bi-monthly New York Magazine, David Wallace-Wells has turned into a herald of the climate emergency into a resounding article and now a book, "The Uninhabitable Earth."

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In 2017, the American David Wallace-Wells published the most read article in the history of "New York Magazine". It was devoted to global warming.
In 2017, the American David Wallace-Wells published the most read article in the history of "New York Magazine". It was devoted to global warming. Linda Nylind / Eyevine / Office233

At first glance, David Wallace-Wells is not scary. In his thirties, square jaw, black suit on white shirt, subtle New York accent … Sitting in the restaurant of Lutetia, in Paris, one morning in October, he could pass for a trader on a spree. His wife and baby stayed upstairs, and patiently rolled out a resume of pure Middle Eastern intellectual class product: childhood in Riverdale, Bronx, engaged intellectual parents (his mother, kindergarten teacher, contributed to the creation of a new school of education in East Harlem, where he himself was a student, his father, a university student, works for the American equivalent of the DDASS).

A graduate of the University of Chicago and Brown University, he is said to have come to journalism through literature, wrote a few years on culture, before becoming deputy editor of New York Magazine. "I never saw myself as a particularly involved thinker, He continues. I was not at all the kind of person, or journalist, that one might suspect of activism. "

The most read article in the history of the magazine

And then patatras. In July 2017, he signs an article that enters the history of the eminent magazine New York. In "one," a leading title ("Catalog of the Condemned Earth"), and an alarming subtitle ("When will the planet become too hot for humans?" Perhaps during the life of our children "). Inside, the twenty-page survey, titled "The Uninhabitable Earth", opens with these words: "The situation is, I promise you, much worse than you think. "

"We have entered the most crucial decade in the history of humanity. Our entire species is going through an existential dilemma, and whatever its outcome, the meaning of our lives will be revealed. David Wallace-Wells

The scenario, backed up by figures and testimonies from dozens of scientists and climatologists, is what awaits us if we fail to keep global warming below the two-degree mark (the goal, already considered illusory, set by the Paris Agreement, in 2015). Terrifying, the article has the effect of an electroshock: it becomes the most read paper in the history of the magazine (several million readers a week after its publication).


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