the app that spies on your privacy

Since December 2020, any developer of applications made available on the App Store must demonstrate total transparency. Apple specifies on its site that “developers must account for their use of data, for example, usage data, coordinates or location and specify whether this data is used for tracking purposes.”

Facebook, known for its data collection, was not thrilled by this new obligation. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, dissatisfied with the new rules, complained in an official statement about the new requirement, claiming that the new rules will have a “negative impact on many small businesses.”

Compared to other instant messaging applications like WhatsApp for example, Facebook Messenger collects a “terrifying” amount of data. The 9to5Mac site revealed the extent of the disaster.

A graphic accompanies the article from the 9to5Mac site. This compares the data collection of several instant messaging applications like Signal, iMessage, WhatsApp and therefore Facebook Messenger. A simple glance at the graph shows just how massive the Facebook app’s data collection is.

Unprecedented data collection
No instant messaging app comes close to collecting data that Messenger does. Not even WhatsApp, yet owned by Facebook, can be compared. WhatsApp relies on end-to-end encrypted chats which makes collection much more limited. In comparison, the application that collects the least amount of data remains Signal which only retrieves the phone number, according to the 9to5Mac site which explains that in addition to that, Signal does not attempt to link the account to the identity of the ‘user. The Facebook messaging application retrieves the most basic and most personal information: postal address, email, name, phone number, browsing and search history, recent orders placed online, photos and videos, payment information , data relating to health and sport

Even some messages are collected. Anyone who owns an iPhone or an Apple product with the App Store can check in the “application functionality” tab that the audio recordings or even the performance of online games are collected. Following the revelations of 9to5Mac, the American media Forbes headlines “Why you should stop using Facebook Messenger in 2021”, before advancing “If you value your security and your privacy, stop using Facebook Messenger and go to an end-to-end encrypted alternative by default. There is no reason not to, especially with WhatsApp’s even larger user base. And for those who are even more concerned with security, there is Signal ”.


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