The app to check the compatibility of your PC with Windows 11 is available to everyone

After a few hiccups and several months of testing, Microsoft has uploaded the final version of its tool PC Health Check. The application, which allows you to know if your PC running Windows 10 meets all the criteria required by Microsoft to install Windows 11, was released when Windows 11 was announced at the end of June in a version beta which unfortunately had not convinced.

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Faced with negative feedback from users, Microsoft had withdrawn it from the download by promising to review its copy. After submitting it to a small group of Insiders members, the Redmond firm finalized its tool. The first stable version of PC Health Check is officially available for download to all users.

The main criticism that was made with the first version of the utility was that it did not give any details on the elements of the machine posing a problem for the installation of Windows 11.

In this new version, after clicking on the button Check now, PC Health Check finally displays a detailed window in which it is possible to easily find out the elements of your machine that do not meet Microsoft’s prerequisites for installing Windows 11.

It still took nearly three months for Microsoft to react and offer a tool worthy of the name, a shame for a company of this scale when we know that the day after the setbacks encountered by the first version of PC Health Check, independent developers managed in a few hours to create WhyNotWin11, an alternative analysis tool simple and complete.

Source : GHacks

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