The appearance of Grandpa Suhud’s first child becomes a debate among netizens, Baim Wong is said to have strong instincts

PR TASIKMALAYA – Child first Grandpa Suhud say if Baim Wong has visited his family.

Arrival Baim Wong in order to request excuse me to Grandpa Suhud which he had scolded.

Good faith Baim Wong it was revealed child first Grandpa Suhud without being covered by the camera.

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For about an hour, Baim Wong visit until both ends peace.

Even though I was hurt by the treatment Baim Wong, but child first Grandpa Suhud don’t want to extend it.

“Families don’t talk to each other normally. There is no condition that this has to be that,” he said child first Grandpa Suhud quoted from the Intense Investigation YouTube channel on Saturday, October 16, 2021.

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He didn’t even think that the problem with Baim Wong will become big and be preached everywhere.


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