The appearance of the iPhone 14 series is exposed | 4 Dummy machines are the first to see the 5 major points and finally cancel the bangs

After the announcement of the new iOS system at the WWDC2022 conference, fruit fans must be most looking forward to the autumn conference this year, when the new iPhone 14 will be released. It has been rumored on the Internet that the iPhone 14 will have 4 models, major changes to the bangs design and lens upgrades, etc. Recently, YouTube @iupdate has increased the exposure of 4 dummy models, taking the lead in revealing the appearance design of the new machine for fruit fans.

Body size

From the video of “iupdate”, it can be seen that the iPhone 14 series will have 4 mobile phones, but it is possible to keep only two sizes, including: 6.1-inch iPhone 14, 14 Pro and 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max and 14 Pro Max, which will be The 5.4-inch mini model will not be launched, which may be related to the unsatisfactory sales.

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(YouTube @iupdate video screenshot)

iPhone 14 appearance

Compared with the iPhone 13, the appearance of the iPhone 14 has not been significantly changed. The design of the lens, back cover, frame and bottom speaker is similar to that of the old model, except that the size of the lens is larger and closer to the edge of the lens module.

(YouTube @iupdate video screenshot)

14 Pro lens

The iPhone 14 Pro series continues the three-lens design, which is obviously larger and more prominent than the previous generation. There is a chance that the increase of the lens from 12 million to 48 million is related to the increase of the image sensor by 25-30%, which also makes the camera lens more efficient. Height increased.

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(YouTube @iupdate video screenshot)

bangs design

The m-shaped design changes that have been passed down for many years may finally appear on the iPhone 14. The model machine does not have black bangs and is replaced with a punch-hole screen. The front lens and Face ID module are retained, and the screen will see Design with the letter “i”.

(YouTube @iupdate video screenshot)


The specifications of the iPhone 14 series are also significantly different. The iPhone 14 will continue to use the A15 chip, while the iPhone 14 Pro will be upgraded with the A16 chip. In addition, the Pro machine will also be equipped with 8GB Ram, and the iPhone 14 will only be upgraded to 6GB RAM

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source:YouTube @iupdate

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