The applauded speech of Ángel Martín on the girls of Tenerife in his newscast

Angel Martin He has been making us smile every day for months thanks to his ‘Informative to save time’. The comedian prepares a video first thing in the morning telling the important news of the day in a humorous way. He has thousands of followers, including well-known faces such as Carolina Marín and Silvia Marsó, among others, who have recorded images for him as ‘correspondents’. However, his most applauded speech was this Friday, in which he put aside laughter to speak from the heart. The news has focused on the girls of Tenerife, after the discovery of Olivia, the older of the two sisters, at the bottom of the sea.

The comedian, visibly affected by this sexist crime, has launched a message to the media. «I say this because I have worked on TV. They are girls », Has expressed. Ángel Martín has asked channels and digital websites to be tactful, to put aside the morbid. “Every word, every image will be a shot to the heart of the family that just lost it”, has remarked.

«Don’t turn this into a championship to see who can tell the most sordid details or get the most emotional videos or photos so that your audience cried more than that of the other », he recommended, visibly affected by the girls of Tenerife. Their news always have a duration of two minutes, although this has been shorter, and it was precisely when referring to this fact that Angel Martin has broken. «Nothing happens either because we have ten seconds to think, damn it. I love you”.


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