The applauded testimony of a couple in Coquimbo after a failed alert

A funny moment it was lived in the middle of the special coverage of 24 Hours, on TVN, after the failed alert of the SAE system to a good part of the cell phones in Chile.

While the reporter was talking with citizens returning from the evacuation on Avenida del Mar, in La Serena, a couple wanted to tell their testimony.

“With peace of mind. The phone rang for him and he was like ‘oh, we have to evacuate’ “, said the young woman, initially. “I didn’t want to evacuate because I was eating noodles”He confessed, revealing that they finally left and were now preparing to return when they realized that there was no danger.

“Something to say?”He finished off with an elbow, giving a pass to his companion, who complemented his story.

After telling the experience, both continued on their way, sealing the moment with a “high five” and going viral on Twitter.


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