The application for the subsidy for domestic workers is not yet enabled in the SEPE

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Despite the announcement to the hype by the government of the approval of an extraordinary subsidy for domestic workers, access to such help is not yet possible and may not be available until next May 2. As of today, it cannot be requested for the simple reason that the form is not enabled through the page of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE). The limit established in the royal decree to launch this procedure is one month, a period that becomes “an eternal wait” -as reported by defense associations of this group-, due to the precarious situation and the dismissals that This group has been suffering since mid-March.

The USO union indicates that they are receiving “many inquiries from both employers and workers” on how to process this procedure. However, they will have to wait until the SEPE starts up the telematic mechanism so that these employees ask for and consequently receive the aid. For their part, from the placement agencies that act as intermediaries between household employees, caregivers and families, they complain about the lack of information from the Administration. So far, they do not know what the forms or access procedures will be like. “We demand that the information be centralized through the placement agencies in order to give good advice to both workers and employers regarding the protocol and the steps to be taken,” says Auido CEO Daniel Ibiza.

In addition to the lack of information, many employees remain on the street without being able to receive any benefit, since the main requirement is to be discharged before March 14, the date on which the state of alarm was decreed. . The representatives of this group denounce that the aid is “insufficient” because it will leave out the “most vulnerable” employees, that is, those who carry out their activities in black, who could reach almost 300,000, according to calculations by the Service association Active Domestic of Madrid (Sedoac).

Also, from Sedoac they miss that the Executive has approved facilities for the families they hire, such as the suspension of the monthly payment to Social Security or some type of tax incentive. “There are employers who have suffered layoffs, ERTE or who are self-employed and are putting them between a rock and a hard place by having to decide whether to fire their workers or not,” says a spokeswoman for the association.

In order to prove the situation and receive the subsidy, it will be necessary to provide a responsible statement signed by the employer confirming that fewer hours are worked. In the event of dismissal, the letter or the communication of withdrawal and the withdrawal from the Special System of Home Employees of the General Social Security Regime must be delivered. The amount to be received will be 70% of the regulatory base in the event of withdrawal from the system and the maximum that can be received is the established interprofessional minimum wage, excluding the proportional part of the extraordinary payments. If it is a reduction of working day, this percentage will refer only to the work stopped.

Lack of express definition
On the other hand, the royal decree in which the Government toughened the state of alarm since last March 31 hinted that domestic workers had to stay at home until April 9, inclusive, as it was not an essential activity. When the current situation is restored, this group and other affected workers must make up the lost hours progressively and until December 31, 2020.

This order also caused confusion among this sector since carers of minors, the elderly and dependents could continue to carry out their activities normally, and in addition, another article defined “cleaning services” as an essential activity. In Sedoac they believe that in the Government “they leave everything to the employer’s interpretation, it is not clear”. .


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