The Ariana Museum, a stage at the crossroads of the arts

For a week, the institution deploys a multidisciplinary project between its collections, with the complicity of the HEM and disparate artists. To be entered in two stages.

Scene from a show proposed in 2019 by the music and movement department of the HEM in Geneva.

Scene from a show proposed in 2019 by the music and movement department of the HEM in Geneva.

To get closer to the project in question these days between the walls of the Ariana Museum, we must first get rid of a few images that we reflexively attach to these places. So let’s forget, at least in part, the porcelain collections, the rows of precious objects in old glass, the stoneware and fine earthenware and the ceramics manufactured in the 20th century.e and XXIe centuries. The institution is of course that, but this identity is sometimes chipped with happiness to present striking differences, for the sake of opening up to plural audiences. It is in this desire that the “Vibrations” project is inscribed, the forms and contents of which refer to disparate artistic disciplines and grammars. It would be enough to turn to the actors who animate the event to take the measure.

The main one is the Haute École de musique (HEM) of Geneva. It is in the bays of the percussion and music and movement departments that we find some of the protagonists. But that’s not all. The contemporary Resonance singers, as well as the members of the Percussions de Treffort ensemble – an entity founded in 1979 by Alain Goudard, bringing together professional musicians with disabilities and others, able-bodied – are also part of the project. For a week, these accomplices took up residence in the museum, experimented with expressive forms, sometimes improvised and also worked hard to shape the pieces for two separate concerts.

Ambulatory concerts

Before these climaxes, the public will be able to witness the shaping of the proposal in every corner of the house. Two open house sessions will provide the opportunity for this, on Wednesday, October 20 between 10 a.m. and 12 p.m. and between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Then, the next day, between 10 and 12 noon only. In the evening, we will be able to savor the results of the residences with a first ambulatory concert, which will be repeated on Sunday, October 24. “During these performances, we will listen to pieces designed by students in electroacoustic composition,” specifies Alain Goudard, soul and coordinator of the project. We will also find other works written for the occasion there and we will come across “Living Room”, by John Cage, and “Stèle”, by Gérald, designed for two large cases.

“Vibrations” will therefore be the culmination of artistic encounters beyond the ordinary. “Everyone, in particular the students of the HEM, is called upon to leave their comfort zone, concludes Philippe Spiesser, musician, composer and percussion teacher. I am thinking in particular of those who have a master’s degree in education, who find there the opportunity to live a unique experience. “

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