the armies of Al-Assad and Erdogan clash directly

In Syria, for the first time, Turkish forces and the Syrian army clashed directly on Tuesday (October 29th). Violent exchanges took place in the north of the country near the border, leaving at least six Syrian-based dead. This is a new war that could begin between the two countries, in the heart of the security zone set up by Turkey since its offensive against the Kurdish forces near the border. In Derbassiyé (Syria), an incident occurred between the Russian military, allied with Bashar al-Assad, and Turkish soldiers on duty.

Al-Assad deploys his men

While a meeting between officers of both sides was scheduled, a mortar shot caused confusion, without knowing who shot. Six Syrian civilians were wounded. If we do not know whether it is a provocation or an error, the deployment of the Syrian armed forces continues in the north of the country.

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