The Army carries out maneuvers north of Comodoro – ADNSur

They will run until November 20

A long line of military tanks could observe this Tuesday the residents of the Standard neighborhood, when the vehicles and soldiers who would participate in the final exercise that takes place annually left Mechanized Brigade IX, crossed part of the northern area of ​​the city towards Route 1 , with final destination Bahía Solano.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 7:09 PM

COMODORO RIVADAVIA (ADNSUR) – Days ago, The Argentine Army had reported that from November 9 to 20, military exercises and maneuvers would be held in the Bahía Solano area, with special emphasis on the vehicular movement that would be noticed in the neighborhoods of the northern part of Como from November 16 to 20.

This Tuesday, a column of tanks departed from Mechanized Brigade IX to the Bahía Solano area, where the military personnel carried out their final exercises.

It is a practice that is developed every year, as a way of carrying out different practices and evaluating what has been learned, explained Lieutenant Colonel Diego Fernández.

He indicated that these exercises are part of “the operational training activities carried out by the Regiment and the Brigade,” and that the reinforced mechanized infantry company is participating in this particular phase of the exercises.

“We are going to carry logistical communications command elements, which will allow us to carry out maneuvers and exercises in the Bahía Solano area. We will carry out tactical movements with vehicles and personnel. These exercises include firing with war ammunition from all the systems weapons that make up the Brigade. Machine guns, rifles, grenades and antitank weapon simulators, “he explained.

They marched to the Bahía Solano area with 15 vehicles and 148 men and women from the Regiment “who are already part of the effective force,” Fernández clarified.


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