The Army closes airports and blocks communications and internet in Sudan

  • Several European ambassadors visit Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok at his home and demand the “full restoration of freedom”

The Sudanese Executive, who has been dismissed from his duties by the coup military, announced in a statement issued late on Wednesday that the Army has blocked all kinds of communications just like him international transit of people. “The coup leaders have resorted to isolate Sudan internationally by closing airports and air transport services, in addition to imposing a information blocking by disabling access to communications and internet services to all Sudanese people to hide the serious crimes and violations that they have been constantly committing against civilian protesters in all cities and villages of Sudan, “the document reads.

Faced with this climate of tension, various ambassadors from the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Nations They met Thursday morning with Hamdok, who remains under house arrest, and they demanded the “full restoration of freedom”. They also pointed out that the Sudanese maximum president is “in good health”.

International organizations are already beginning to take action in the conflict, an example of this is aid freeze by United States and the World Bank, while the African union suspended Sudan’s participation in said organization.

Seven civilians deceased

The number of protesters killed after the start of the riots it has already risen to seven as indicated to international media by the head of legal medicine, Hicham Faquiri. He also added that “several bodies were taken to the morgue in the following days, and showed signs of violent injuries made with blunt objects”, without being able to give a figure.

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On the other hand, the military leader leading the coup, The general Abdelfattah al Burhan, defended the coup on Tuesday stating that the political forces “wanted to monopolize” the transition, after several weeks of tensions and accusations between civilians and the military, before promising that the Army “will not interfere” in the formation of the new Executive.

However, the Hamdok government stands firm in the face of threats from the military and emphasized that “the coup leaders have no choice but to succumb to the voice of the people, release all political prisoners and hand over power immediately.”


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