The Army finds 19 burned bodies in Tamaulipas

The border that receives Joe Biden showed his most cruel face in the limits between Tamaulipas and Nuevo León after the appearance of 19 charred bodies and, at least, six burned vehicles in a ranch in the town of Los Tres Portones, south of Tamaulipas. The authorities indicated that the charred bodies are the result of a battle between drug cartels. The bodies were found by Army soldiers and the news portal Mexico Code Red reported that the dead are from Guatemala.

The finding is the result of several days of searching and began three days ago when a woman raised the alarm and denounced the disappearance of her husband. Dulce García went to the General Investigation Unit of the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office on Wednesday to report the disappearance of her husband who had not come home for 24 hours and who, she suspected, was in a house in the Tres Portones . That same day, the ministerial and expert agents of the Attorney General’s Office requested the support of the soldiers to be able to enter the violent area, known for being the scene of other killings in recent years.

After traveling through roads and farms in the mountains, the military found in the vicinity of the town a completely charred vehicle with the man’s body burned inside. The group of policemen and soldiers, however, continued to search the area and a few kilometers later, at the Refugio Los Hinojosa ranch, they found several burned-out trucks and more bodies on the ground. The corpses were also charred and some were still wearing military-style camouflage clothing and bulletproof vests. The military report states that “several vehicles are observed with the naked eye that at the same time are completely burned and once we enter the place in the company of Expert Services we realize that there are indeed five vehicles (vans), the which around these are several completely charred bodies and other semi-charred bodies ”, the Army wrote. In the final report, he confirmed that it was 19 bodies.

The area bordering Tamaulipas and Nuevo León has been shaken in recent months by various clashes that the authorities attribute to the Nuevo Laredo-based Northeast Cartel and the Los Metros gang of the Gulf Cartel, which has its center of operations. in Reynosa. Both groups sustain a violent war in the region to control the transfer of drugs through the so-called “small border”, known as one of the cradles of drug trafficking and the transfer of migrants from around the world, about three hours by car from Texas .

The Public Ministry of the Investigation Unit (FGR) ordered the removal of the bodies and the transfer to the coroner to carry out the autopsies. The Tamaulipas Prosecutor’s Office ignored the issue and pointed out that it was a case assumed by the FGR. Two years ago, on this same ranch, the army found another 21 bodies on January 10, 2029, of which 15 were burned.

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  1. Well, here’s an error in this part “Two years ago, on this same ranch, the army found another 21 bodies on January 10, 2029, of which 15 were burned.” because it says that the bodies were found in a year that has not yet passed, if we are only in the year 2,021. I think you were wrong when you wrote this passage.


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