The arrest of the accused of harassing a girl in Maadi

03:34 AM

Tuesday 09 March 2021

Books – Mahmoud Saeed:
The security services in Cairo managed to arrest a young man who appeared in a circulating video clip while he was harassing a girl inside the entrance to a property in Maadi.

The investigation and gathering of information revealed that the accused was “M.J”, 32 years old, and he was arrested.

Social media users circulated a video, in which the accused appeared while luring the victim into a drug entrance and harassing him and grabbing sensitive areas of her body.

And it also appears in the video that the owner of a security camera in the property quarreled with the accused and rescued the child from his hands, so he ran away until he was caught.

The necessary report of the incident shall be drawn up, and the accused is to be referred to the Enemy Prosecution to take over the investigation.


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