The Arriaga announces eight more shows for February and March, including theater, music, dance and circus

The Arriaga does not give up and has just presented eight shows for the second half of February and the first of March. A varied offer with first-rate interpreters, in which There will be no lack of theater (five titles), dance (a show), circus (a show) and classical music (a concert). Almost all performances will begin at 7:00 p.m. With the sole exception of ‘Prostitution’, which will start half an hour earlier, at six thirty in the afternoon. The Tickets go on sale this Wednesday on the web and at the theater box office

‘Prostitution’ It was one of the works canceled during the confinement and is now being recovered to offer three performances, between March 5 and 7. It lasts two hours and is part of the call ‘documentary theater’, directed by Andrés Lima and a cast led by Carmen Machi, Nathalie Poza and Carolina Yuste. ‘Host’ is also rescued, which fell from the poster in December for a member of the artistic team testing positive for the coronavirus. Now two performances have been planned, on March 13 and 14, with a cast that includes Pepón Nieto, Toni Acosta, Fele Martínez, Paco Tous, Dani Muriel and María Ordóñez.

Beyond these two rescheduled titles, there is also a new offer, such as ‘Eva contra Eva’, from February 26 to 28, which will feature Ana Belén as the protagonist. It is an adaptation of the classic by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, ‘Naked Eva’, with the stamp of Pau Miró. The direction is in charge of Silvia Munt, who takes full advantage of the drama of the relationship and rivalry between two actresses of different generations. And also in February, on the 19th, you will be able to see the theatrical production of ‘An undiscovered country from whose confines no traveler returns’, by the playwright and director Àlex Rigola. It is a dialogue inspired by a conversation between the writer and actress Alba Pujol with her father, Jordi Pujol, professor of History of the Economy (a role played by Pep Cruz), during his last cycle of chemotherapy.

The section in Basque will be represented by Artedrama and Huts Teatroa, which on March 2 and 3 will offer their proposal ‘Atzerrian lurra garratz’, a text by Ander Lipus, Laura Penagos and Amancay Gaztañaga. The first two will take the stage, while Gaztañaga will assume the reins of the direction.

Bach in the 21st century

The dance will also have its place of honor on the billboard with the choreographer and dancer Iratxe Ansa, National Dance Award 2020 in the performance category. The San Sebastian artist together with his Italian colleague Igor Bacovich leads the company Metamorphosis Dance, which on February 18 will bring his latest creation, ‘Naked’.

Equally free and rigorous is the proposal of the German pianist Sebastian Knauer, the BOS string orchestra and the Luxembourg vibraphonist Pascal Schumacher. Together they will do justice to ‘ÜberBach ‘, the Iranian composer Arash Safaian’s reinterpretation of Johann Sebastian Bach’s music. A challenge that was embodied years ago in an album that earned him the Echo Klassik award (2017) in Germany within the category of ‘Classical without borders’.

The Arriaga’s desire to reach all audiences never wanes, not even in times of pandemic. The latest work from the circus company Rhum & Cía combines humor, magic and music, as well as a rogue touch suitable for the whole family. They are Catalan professionals who will go on stage on February 20 and 21 with their latest show, ‘Gran Reserva’, a selection of the most intense and select from their vintage.


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