The arrogant and the harasser share in the sin

Today, Monday, Dr. Abdullah bin Mufreh Asiri, a consultant in infectious diseases at the Ministry of Health, said that the harasser is disobedient and the harasser in his heart is a disease, and both of them share in the sin.

Al-Asiri continued, through his account on Twitter, that “God Almighty addressed the wives of the Prophet in a general speech to the believing women, and said: (Do not be submissive in words, so that the one in whose heart is a disease covets) … Submission and adornment on one side are met by heart disease on the other.”

This came in response to a tweet by the Saudi lawyer, Abrar Shaker, in which she said, “Someone said, “Someone has said that women’s disobedience is a cause for harassment. What about harassment of children and people with special needs?! You say it’s funny.

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