The art of posing a rabbit – “Ghosting” contaminates the world of work

You are waiting for a sign of life. But nothing. Playing dead is a practice used by both candidates and recruiters.

Failure to keep a date has become commonplace.

Failure to keep a date has become commonplace.


A phone call is so easy, they said with a certain wonder when the landline phone entered homes. Then the beeper, fax, e-mail, mobile devices and social media appeared, and it has never been easier to get in touch with someone.

Except that the proliferation of means of communication has plunged the whole world into an uncontrollable frenzy. Now the problem is no longer finding a number or an address, but getting an answer.

The word “ghosting” comes from English ghost, which means “ghost”. In the field of recruiting, this expression can refer to a candidate who, without giving any explanation, does not show up for a job interview, or a recruiter who leaves an application file dusting in a corner in his office. No need to launch it again: it will not respond. He plays dead. Misunderstanding, fear of having done something wrong, the impression of having wasted time or of not being respected take hold of the unfortunate rejected person.

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