The artist Ben, in search of the new world

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Ben is in the spotlight in the Paris region. An exhibition dedicated to his work has just opened for three months. Located in the Chamarande estate, south of Paris, it traces the artist’s sixty-year career.

More than 400 messages, sentences written in white on a black background, paintings and sculptures, most of them from his personal collection. At the Chamarande estate, Ben wears a t-shirt on which he has scribbled with his famous handwriting: ” Life is a movie ». « I’m glad it’s crowded, it’s working and I’m here. »

The artist from the Nice school trusted his daughter, Éva Vautier, to develop this exhibition entitled Be free. « Being free came naturally, she says, in relation to confinement, to worry … at one point, we saw that we are also fragile. And being free is a real luxury. We all want freedom. »

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Freedom, a recurring theme in Ben’s sentences, like ego, doubt or sexuality. His sentences are here divided into thematic rooms: ” Ben is someone who always classifies a lot, confides his daughter. He walks by themes, by energies. He absolutely wants to transmit and he wants to communicate. There is something very generous about him. He wants to go through this way of looking for a new world. Everyone accepts himself. I love my father’s work and defending it is also a great source of pride. »

« The corridor of doubt », « I’m a liar “…, Through these quotes, now reproduced on agendas, the artist invites the visitor to question his existence:” Seek the truth, whatever the question. »

The search for meaning continues until October 11, Chamarande domain.

View of the “Ben” exhibition at the Chamarande estate. © Henri Perrot


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