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The Ascend WV program in West Virginia (USA) will pay you up to $ 12,000 to move to the region – learn the details


Without a doubt, the worst stage of the coronavirus pandemic not only left new lessons in the economy and public health.

In general, the employment situation in almost all areas was involved in problems that go beyond money. Many industries managed to cope with the crisis thanks to the home office scheme.

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This modality has several autonomy advantages for employees, and for many contemporary lines, it is simply here to stay.

Of course: out of the more traditional advantages, now there are more inventive for those looking to change residence, but also want to continue working from the comfort of their home.

This is confirmed by an ambitious and tempting program in West Virginia (United States) that invites anyone with a current home office job to move there.

As you read it: you can even receive a pay of up to 12 thousand dollars in addition to your monthly salary, you just have to be willing to move to the city as soon as possible, specifically, to the region of the Appalachian mountains.

The program is called Ascend WV, and furthermore, reiterates that its requirements are easily affordable for many foreigners. Take a look at them:

  • Have a remote job in force
  • Reside outside of West Virginia currently
  • Have the ability to move within the next six months after acceptance
  • Being over 18 years
  • Be eligible to work and live in the United States (present evidence of sustainability and / or current work, in addition to carrying at least one tourist visa).

You already know, you should go to official site of the program to send your application. Among the great advantages of moving to West Virginia, is the placid wooded environment that prevails, its excellent schools, high security rates, and its good quality of life.

Do you dare to live this experience? Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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