The Association of Sports Medicine of Colombia pronounced itself on the Felipe Román case

The case of Andrés’ health Felipe Roman
, Millionaires player,
continues with his possible hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a pathology that would have resulted in medical tests when he was close to signing for Boca Juniors
, from Argentina.

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Given this, this Monday, the Colombian Sports Medicine Association spoke out and pointed out that: “To make a call for calm by the media who, without taking into account official statements from the clubs’ departments involved sports, have concentrated on making accusations without having reliable information beyond what is reported through social networks.

In addition, he asked that the work of the medical corps of Millionaires
, which from Argentina has also received criticism.

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“Request the media, who, without any serious consideration or investigation into the real situation of the athlete’s medical follow-up, have questioned the suitability and professional criteria of the Los Millonarios Sports Club’s medical team,” they concluded.

See here the full statement of the Association of Sports Medicine of Colombia:

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