The “astonishing” choice of two reconstruction commissioners after the dramatic floods in Belgium

Private driver, part-time missions: the CDH requires explanations from the government.

The establishment of a commission of inquiry into the floods must be voted on this Wednesday in the Walloon Parliament. A perspective, initially wanted by the CDH, which had however rejected Elio Di Rupo, Walloon Minister-President. The majority resolved without enthusiasm. The commission chaired by Jean-Claude Marcourt will have to establish a chronology of decisions. And to answer certain questions: why not have opened the dams earlier? What about the flaws in the organization of relief? “We did not want to launch a witch hunt. But if any dysfunctions are noted, corrections in the procedures will have to follow so that this does not happen again.”, points out François Desquesnes, CDH group leader in the Walloon Parliament, who will be a member of the committee.

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