The Atlantic exceeds a thousand deaths from COVID-19

For about ten days, Pablo Suárez was fighting for his life against an invisible enemy on a lonely intensive care stretcher in a clinical center in Barranquilla.

At 68 years old, despite the physical and spiritual strength that always characterized him, he could not win the battle against this disease, which extinguished his existence on June 18.

“The last time I spoke to my dad was before he was admitted to the ICU. He was not feeling well and had great difficulty speaking. The coronavirus gradually extinguished his life, ”recalls Diana Suárez, one of his five children.

The death of this man, who caused pain and sadness among his relatives and neighbors in the populous La Ceiba neighborhood, is part of an extensive list that already reaches 1,064 cases throughout the department.

According to the latest report from the National Institute of Health (INS), the Atlantic became the first territorial entity in the country to overcome the barrier of a thousand deaths from this disease and has placed 34.2% of the total number of deaths (3,106) from the country.

This Sunday, the health authorities reported 63 deaths in Barranquilla and 23 more in the municipalities (14 in Soledad, 4 in Malambo, 2 in Sabanagrande, 1 in Baranoa, 1 in Galapa and 1 in Polonuevo), which correspond to 55% of the 167 deaths reported in the national territory.

In this way, Barranquilla reaches 637 deaths and 427 more have occurred in the municipalities. Due to the new coronavirus, 366.76 deaths have been reported in the Atlantic for every million inhabitants, despite being one of the smallest departments in Colombia.

In Soledad, 260 deaths have been reported, being the most affected municipality and only being surpassed by the Barranquilla District.

In turn, Malambo accumulates 70 deaths, followed by Galapa (29), Baranoa (16), Puerto Colombia (12), Sabanagrande (9), Sabanalarga (7), Tubará (6), Santo Tomás (5), Palmar ( 4) and Polonuevo (2).

A single death has been registered in seven municipalities: Usiacurí, Ponedera, Luruaco, Candelaria, Repelón, Santa Lucía and Piojó, while Juan de Acosta, Manatí, Suan and Campo de la Cruz are the only municipalities without fatalities.


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