The Attorney General’s Office has a scale of fines for curfew

Violators of the curfew will now face the payment of fines ranging from RD $ 1,000 to more than RD $ 100,000, according to a scale established yesterday by the Attorney General’s Office, which is endorsed by Health Law 42- 01.

The fines will depend on the type of violation committed by a particular person or the owner of a commercial establishment that allows an agglomeration of people greater than that established.

Now the pedestrians who violate the curfew will pay a fine of RD $ 1,000; motorcyclists RD $ 2,000; the driver of a vehicle RD $ 5,000 and the person who is surprised in a center or amusement space will pay RD $ 2,000.

While bars, restaurants or any other entertainment space, as well as a private party that violates the measures, will be punished with a fine of RD $ 100,000.

The owner or person in charge of a bus that transports people and violates the measure, will be sanctioned with RD $ 50,000; the driver of a cargo vehicle with RD $ 30,000 and the owner of a cockpit with RD $ 100,000.

The general instruction signed by the attorney general Miriam Germán Brito, indicates that when the accumulation of offenses exceeds RD $ 100,000, in no case may the unspecified amount be less than that amount. The provision does not specify the amount that a person must pay for traveling without a mask, but it does specify that violating that provision would lead to the payment of a fine.

In the instructions, Attorney Germán Brito emphasizes that the National Police officers present before the Public Prosecutor’s Office, without delay and without fail, those arrested for violation of the curfew and of restrictive measures to crowds of more of ten people in public and private spaces of common use, imposed in decree 7-21 of the 8th of this month or any other provision issued by the Executive.

The general instructions

It is addressed to prosecutors and court attorneys, with a copy to the General Director of Prosecution of the Public Ministry.


For the registration and verification of fines, the technological platform of the Attorney General’s Office will be used.


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