The augmented reality of Flix Atmetlla arrives in Olot

The sculptor Fèlix Atmetlla (Blanes, 1962) presents at the Museu de la Garrotxa multim, an exhibition built on augmented reality that allows you to experience a virtual world in the real environment. The exhibition can be visited free of charge until March 21 in Open Room 2 of the museum, where the visitor will find black and white images in different shapes.

When you focus on them and look at them through a tablet or when you download the application of the exhibition on your mobile phone, sculptural sets appear that integrate with the environment. Atmetlla adds a sum of sensory experiences where sight, sound and the absence of touch are mixed, in an immersive creation.

The exhibition aims to represent the invisible and complex relationships between the individual and the group to warn of the danger of isolation and non-communication, and also of a submissive crowd unable to articulate responses.

On the other hand, in room 15 of the Garrotxa museum you can also see the exhibition The Art of Science, dedicated to the scientific drawings of Jordi Sabater Pi, the scientist who found the Snowflake.

The exhibition vindicates scientific drawing as a key tool for observation and analysis based on the details that Sabater collected in his notebooks on measurements, expressions, tattoos or anatomical notes.

The art of science can also be visited for free until March 7th.


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