the authenticity of Marc Gasol returns to Girona

GironaThe authenticity of Marc Gasol returns to Fontajau. The pivot, who in 2019 was proclaimed NBA champion with the Toronto Raptors, has decided to put his shoes back on to strengthen Bàsquet Girona, the club of which he is president and founder. The Catalan will follow in the footsteps of Michael Jordan, who did something similar to the Washington Wizards, and will combine his work in the offices and on the floor.

“I’m really excited, very excited to see a lot of familiar faces who have helped make this possible today. I want to do again what I love most, which is playing basketball. Doing it in Fontajau is what I feel like right now.Backing is a dream, I have always had a special bond with Girona.Now I have the opportunity to show people that involvement with the project is total.There is no better way to do it from the track, ”he said.

Marc Gasol, who used a song by Jarabe de Palo to go on stage (What you give me), is not a player like the others. While other elite athletes waste time and money on frivolities, he has set up a foundation that fights childhood obesity, has created a basketball club in Girona to return to the city everything he gave and collaborates in rescue tasks with Open Arms. Able to retweet a tweet about the ARA special commemorating International Children’s Rights Day, the player has a different sensibility than that of many colleagues.

“Every year I try to push the people of the club to see what we can do better. I want to enjoy the moment, the day to day. We are in a beautiful time when the club is growing. The goal is for people to have a good time. Gasol explained. The player did not spare praise when talking about the territory. “The city of Girona represents many things to me. People convey a lot of enthusiasm to me and I want to give it back with facts. I feel very lucky,” added the Catalan, who reiterated his commitment to training basketball. .

“Sport is a great educational tool; betting on sport is always a victory,” he acknowledged. Gasol, who is 36 years old, will compete with Bàsquet Girona. The team, which lost in overtime on Sunday at the Acunsa Gipuzkoa court, plays in the LEB Or, where they have suffered seven consecutive defeats. The team’s next match, which fired Carles Marco as coach a few days ago, will be on December 3 in Fontajau, where he will host Levitec Huesca La Magia, LEB Or’s team. “If all goes well, I hope it will be the first day I can play in front of everyone,” he said, in an event held entirely in Catalan.

Marc Gasol, who in recent days has been analyzing the possibility of returning to the NBA and also the interest of Barça, confirmed the decision to play in Girona this Thursday in an event open to Fontajau fans. “It’s not so much what I hope to receive but what I want to thank. There are a lot of people who deviate from the club. Leaving Barça was traumatic, but getting to Girona boosted my energy. The result was very nice.” , he reiterated.

“I only played two years in Girona, but they were very intense. The FIBA ​​Cup final was very special. I felt good everywhere and the family gave me a lot of emotional stability. I had many experiences. beautiful, “Gasol recalled.

Gasol’s half-brother played for Barça until 2006, when he signed for Akasvayu Girona. In 2008 the Catalan pivot began his career in the NBA, where he competed with the Memphis Grizzlies (2008-2019), the Toronto Raptors (2019-2020) and the Lakers (2020-2021). After a season below expectations, the Los Angeles franchise transferred its rights to the Grizzlies, who terminated his contract.

Goodbye to the Spanish team

Marc Gasol announced after being eliminated from the Olympics that the match against the United States was the last with the Spanish team. At 36, five less than his brother Pau (41), the then Lakers player folded. “We’re coming down from this beautiful attraction that we climbed fifteen years ago. It’s time, it’s time. I’ve enjoyed this experience for many years. Now it’s time for young people to go up and enjoy it,” he explained.


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