The authorities are already in the Valley

All the authorities that will be present in the exhumation have already reached the Valley of the Fallen. The Minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado, as a senior notary of the Kingdom, along with Antonio Hidalgo, deputy secretary of the Ministry of the Presidency and Felix Bolaños, general secretary of the Presidency of the Government, as witnesses. Franco's relatives who attend the exhumation of the dictator's remains have gathered on the esplanade of the Valley of the Fallen to enter the basilica together.

Everything indicates that the meteorological conditions will allow the transfer of Franco's remains by helicopter, which will take a maximum of fifteen minutes to reach the Mingorubian cemetery.

Tanatopractor Humberto Sepúlveda, who will direct the funeral operators who will exhume the mortal remains of Francisco Franco, has accessed the Valley of the Fallen at 7.50 am on Thursday, October 24, with more than two hours before the start of work , which is scheduled to begin at 10.30 am

Sepúlveda has entered the site before dawn with the operators of Iber Funeraria and the Cuenca Hermanos Verdugo company. The latter will be responsible for removing the slab of 1,500 kilos of granite that covers the burial of the dictator inside the Basilica of the Fallen Valley, a funerary monument erected by Franco located 50 kilometers from Madrid.


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